Vote tomorrow for Alton Thomas DAVIS and Denise LANGFORD-MORRIS!!

This election is the most important judicial election for the next 10 years in Michigan.

ALTON THOMAS DAVIS is the most respected judge to sit on the Michigan Supreme Court in a decade. He believes in restoring fairness and civility to our Supreme Court. He was a prosecutor before he was a trial court judge; he has the respect of Republicans and Democrats in the legal profession.

A quick history –20 years ago the Michigan Supreme Court was one of the most respected in the country. Since the “sleeping judge” and his cronies took over 10 years ago, we have become the laughingstock among courts in the United States. A University of Chicago study ranked our court the WORST in the country.

Bob Young is the WORST of the WORST. Since he has ascended to the Court, he has uniformly ruled in favor of limiting access to the Courts (on environmental issues, insurance issues, civil rights issues), and has always supported big businesses over small ones and both over individuals.

It’s no surprise, as Young was a VP at the Auto Club when he was appointed, and his campaign treasurer still works at the Auto Club and uses their address as his campaign office. Two separate polls of lawyers who know the judges, in this month’s Michigan Lawyers Weekly found that Young had the LEAST support of any of the candidates running.

TOM DAVIS and DENISE LANGFORD MORRIS can change that. Instead of Judges who have prejudged cases based upon their ideology, they will listen to the people before them and follow the law.

Judicial Elections are too often defined by slanderous commercials, funded by shadow interests. This election is no different.

Please, help restore fairness and integrity to our Supreme Court.

To Vote in this race, you have to VOTE in the NON-PARTISAN partisan portion of the ballot, ON THE BACK, and vote for DAVIS and  LANGFORD MORRIS.

Feel free to forward this to anyone you’d like.


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